Medical-Grade Messaging That Works For Your Practice

Your Secure Health Exchange Subscription Can Have An ROI Of Less Than 5 Minutes.
In keeping with advancements in how we all communicate, secure email communication with patients now qualifies for remuneration. In Alberta, sending just two qualifying secure emails to patients will cover your monthly subscription - and, as a Physician in Alberta, you are eligible to claim 28 physician to patient secure email communications each month.

Accounts are billed per physician. All administrative staff for each physician are included in the subscription. Every account can invite as many patients and collaborators as they need, and everyone you invite to share messages gets free unlimited access to communicate with you.



Every Subscription Includes:

  • Administrative staff access
  • Shared Inbox
  • Physician to Physician Messaging
  • Physician to Patient Messaging
  • Billable e-Consultations (03.01O/03.01R in Alberta)
  • Billable Secure Patient Messaging (03.01S in Alberta)
  • Live Phone and Chat Support
  • Patient Invites
  • Physician Invites

* Clinic discounts available